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Yap Day article

by Michael Kew


During Yap Day (March 1 - 3) this year, freelance travel writer, photographer and surfer Michael Kew was in Yap to report on the activities for Matador Network. Here's his take on this annual celebration of Yap culture. Thanks, Michael, for joining us! We hope to see you again in  [...more]

Yap Day


Young DancerYap Day 2017 was a great success with the opportunity to sample local foods, photograph Yap's famous dances, take a ride in a hand-carved canoe, learn about celestial navigation and how to weave a traditional men's basket. Hotels fill up fast so make  [...more]

Micronesian Wanderlust

Exploring the paradise islands of Micronesia, by Mark Stratton

Pod of pilot whales in Yap Micronesia

Micronesia Travel "Tropical good looks. Friendly locals. Fascinating history. Easy living. Far-spread and little-visited Micronesia is one of travel’s most postcard-perfect secrets." Read the article  [...more]




Almost all visitors to Yap will come for diving and, in particular, for the mantas. As one of the top manta diving destinations in the world, Yap provides almost guaranteed sightings in the calm and easy waters inside the reef.

Boat rides to the  [...more]

Yap Day 2017

Download the 2017 Yap Day Program


Yap Day 49th Annual Celebration, see the most of Yap

  • March 1st, 2017 @ Colonia, Yap Living History Museum
  • March 2nd, 2017 @ Makiy, Gagil
  • March 3rd, 2017 @ Wacholab, Maap

Download it >

Yap_Day_2017 Program  [...more]

Yap Traditional Dances

At the living history museum


Yap Traditional Mens Dance Traditional Yapese Mens Dance

All Yapese dances tell a story and usually when dances are performed at the living history museum the name of the dance and the story is shared in English prior to the  [...more]

2016 Homecoming Festival

June 17th & 18th

Download the flyer

YAP VISITORS BUREAU and the Yap Chamber of Commerce are inviting everyone to the  [...more]

2016 Homecoming Festival Invitation

June 16th - 18th

Download 2016 Homecoming Festival Invitation

Download the 2016 Homecoming Festival Invitation.

June 16th - 18th we will be celebrating 50 Years of Peace Corps in Yap with past and present volunteers.

Festivities start on Thursday and there is a night market planned for Friday  [...more]

Special Yap Day Tour

Mangyol Cultural Site: A Tale of Two Stone Money Banks


Mogethin and welcome to Waab! We are pleased to invite you on a cultural heritage walking tour through our famous Mangyol Stone Money Banks (nomination for UNESCO’s World Heritage List) and a visit to our recent educational past, a former Japanese school site! The VIP and guest tours of these  [...more]

2016 Yap Day Program

Download the Yap Day Program from YVB

2016 Yap Day Program 2016 Yap Day Program

Download the 2016 Yap Day Program >