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Yap Conservation

Yap lead the world in manta ray conservation with the establishment of the first government-backed sanctuary.

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Culture Spotlight

Yap Island...the land where vibrant ancient culture mixes with the broadband world.

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Thank you for visiting our site. We hope these pages will be an introduction to our enchanting islands... a place like no other in the world. With our unique Pacific customs and way of life, ancient stone money, friendly, smiling faces, warm and generous people and an underwater realm that's been called one of the world's best places to dive, come to Yap to experience first-hand all that our islands have to offer.

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2014 Canoe Festival Event Schedule
2014 Canoe Fest Event Schedule

Celebrate the Yapese heritage of traditional navigation during a two-day festival revisiting ancient practices of a small island society.

Festivities include a parade of traditional sailing crafts, canoe races in the bay, traditional dance, bamboo raft making, canoe paddling awards, a wrestling competition as well as live music by Kendall Titiml at a night market.

November 9th - 11th

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A manta gliding
Yap Island's Manta Ray Sanctuary

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Yap island as seen from the air
Where is Yap?

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Yapese men dancing
Yap's culture and traditions run deep. Our island heritage and way of life can be seen throughout the islands.

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SB2C Helldiver
Yap's WWII History.
This is an external link http://www.missingaircrew.com/yvb/

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Men on an outer island beach
To really get off the beaten path, hardy explorers can travel to Yap's outlying islands, stretching more than 600 miles across the Pacific.

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