Things to Do

Come enjoy the magical island of Yap

Annual Special Events

  • Yap Day
    March 1st – the island's biggest cultural celebration and the most colorful day of the year

  • Homecoming
    June – a unique heritage experience celebrating the traditional bonds with Palau

  • Canoe Festival
    November – a cultural celebration of traditional navigation and canoe building

Diving and Snorkeling

The reefs surrounding the islands of Yap are home to a rich diversity of tropical marine life. Our most popular natural resource is our resident population of manta rays, which divers and snorkelers have a good chance of seeing on an almost daily basis.

Yap Manta Ray

Usually found inside the lagoons, the dive guides in Yap are expert at finding the mantas, plus a host of other animals to keep visiting divers and snorkelers entertained. Yap also boasts lively colorful coral reefs and walls teeming with sharks, trevallys, nudibranchs and another favorite, mandarinfish. Most of the operators offer dive classes from introductory snorkeling and scuba lessons through advanced levels of instruction. For a complete list of Yap's dive operators, please click here.

Cultural Tours and Island Sightseeing

Come to Yap and explore our ancient Pacific culture and traditional ways of life. Yap has one of the last remaining Micronesian cultures and no visit to Yap is complete without experiencing the old ways up close and personal.
Yap traditional men's houseThere are many different island tours available, and Kaday Village offers a cultural tour featuring a traditional dance on Tuesdays and Saturdays, weather permitting. Please ask your hotel or travel planner for more information regarding village and island sightseeing tours.


Kayaking YapGlide through mangrove forests or through a narrow canal excavated in the early 1900s. Kayaking offers peace and tranquility as the kayak slices through the clear, warm waters early in the morning. Or watch the setting sun dip below the horizon with only the sound of the paddle dipping into the shallow lagoon. Kayaking can easily be arranged by some hotels, dive shops and independent tour operators.

Yapese Arts and Souvenirs

Yap traditional CraftsYapese arts and handicrafts can be found throughtout the islands.

Manta Ray Bay Hotel and the ESA Bay View Hotel also offer handicrafts and a selection of souvenirs in their gift shops, and local handicraft outlets like The Tropical Touch, Thread and Fabric and Kaday Village have a fine supply of crafts as well. In addition, the Pathways Hotel features a "Local Artist Night" twice each week, where local artists have their crafts on display.

Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing Yap, MicronesiaFishing in the deep, clear waters of Yap produce yellowfin and skipjack tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi (also know as dorado or dolphin–the fish, not the mammal), rainbow runner, barracuda, red snapper, grouper and trevally. Local fishing charter companies, as well as some of the hotels, offer half and full day charters. Equipment and tackle varies. Please ask your hotel for more details and options.

Hiking / Biking

Hiking YapBreathtaking views of Yap can be seen while hiking and biking. Tamilyog Trail bisects the island and as the trail winds down through the forest and up through the grassy highlands, hikers can get down to nature in this natural outdoor classroom. Local flora and fauna abound on this two hour hike. Although it's not a difficult hike, it can be strenuous in parts and might not be for everyone. Other hikes around Colonia feature ancient stone paths and can easily be completed in less than an hour. Biking is an option for an afternoon. Yap's roads are well maintained and the major roads are paved, however there are no bike paths and bikers must use caution when biking along the main roads. Several hotels offer bike rentals.

Traditional Canoe Sailing

Visitors can arrange for a ride on a traditional sailing canoe. Some of the hotels offer this service and one can explore the calm seas of the inner lagoon aboard these ancient craft. Or visit the Yap Traditional Navigation Society for a hands-on training experience. Traditional sailing canoes traversed the Pacific Ocean over the centuries, and this method of transportation is still practiced today.

The Yap Living History Museum (YLHM)

Yap living history museumYLHM is a unique museum which puts traditional skills, values and ideals at the forefront and increases the public's knowledge of the significance of traditional culture as well as the history of Yap islands. Museum activities include reenactments, traditional dances, live arts, cooking, storytelling, canoe sailing, weaving and handicrafts. The elders of Yap are a treasure of wisdom. They also contain the knowledge of traditional skills and myths of the past. It is important that these skills and stories are not lost on the next generation. YLHM is an educational arena for old traditions to come alive once again. The Yap Living History Museum is in the heart of Colonia, across from Chammoro Bay, near Yap Courts. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the museum's coordinator, Falownug Kenmed at And please visit us on Facebook