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Yap Traditional Canoes in US Print

Wooden Canoe Magazine February, 2018 issue

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Yap Day 2018 Program

The 50th Anniversary Yap Day, Feb 28th, March 1st, 2nd

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Cultural Preservation

Yap students learn about history of canoe building and navigation in Micronesia

Students in Yap are learning about the heritage of traditional navigation in Micronesia thanks to a four-panel pictorial history display created and donated to the Yap Living History Museum by ethnographic filmmaker, scholar and Palu Navigator Eric Metzgar Ph.D. of California... More...  [...more]

Traditional Culture Festivals

Without the crowds, in Micronesia

Yapese traditional culture festival

Yap taditional culture festival dance
Experience traditional island culture and the most colorful festivities in the Pacific, without the crowds, in Yap - by Joyce McClure

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2017 Canoe Festival

The 8th Annual Canoe Festival in Yap

Canoe Festival 2017

Yap Visitors Bureau, in partnership with the Yap Traditional Navigation Society,  is sponsoring the 8th annual Yap Canoe Festival scheduled for December 8 & 9, 2017.  The two days of festivities will be held at the Yap Living History Museum. The festival will celebrate the region's rich heritage of traditional seafaring, including a parade  [...more]

Yap Videos

Culture, Diving and the Beauty of Yap Island

The full feature presentation on Yap and Palau in the Brazilian Friday evening TV show Globo Repórter, one of the most viewed in the country (with an estimated 20 million viewers). Apologies for lack of English subtitles, but the images are really nice and you may even learn some Portuguese!

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    The 29th Guam Micronesia Island Fair

    May 3-7, 2017

    Visiting island delegations from Yap, Palau, Pohnpei Marshall Islands, Chuuk and Taiwan sharing their culture through food, art, handicrafts and dance. Thank you to the dancers and other participants from Yap who did such a great job representing our state and country!



    Yap Day article

    by Michael Kew

    During Yap Day (March 1 - 3) this year, freelance travel writer, photographer and surfer Michael Kew was in Yap to report on the activities for Matador Network. Here's his take on this annual celebration of Yap culture. Thanks, Michael, for joining us! We hope to see you again in  [...more]

    Yap Day


    Young DancerYap Day 2017 was a great success with the opportunity to sample local foods, photograph Yap's famous dances, take a ride in a hand-carved canoe, learn about celestial navigation and how to weave a traditional men's basket. Hotels fill up fast so make  [...more]

    Micronesian Wanderlust

    Exploring the paradise islands of Micronesia, by Mark Stratton

    Pod of pilot whales in Yap Micronesia

    Micronesia Travel "Tropical good looks. Friendly locals. Fascinating history. Easy living. Far-spread and little-visited Micronesia is one of travel’s most postcard-perfect secrets." Read the article  [...more]