Yap’s Outer Islands

Experience the exotic world of the outer islands and their welcoming Micronesian culture

A trip to the Outer Islands is sure to be a memorable experience but the logistics can be complicated and arrangements should be made at least six months in advance, with the exception of Ulithi, which has a small, rustic resort on Falalop Island.

The outer island cultures of Yap are truly amazing. Steeped in the tradition of celestial navigation, the people live off the land and sea. Traditional clothing, chores and customs still prevail. For many, the only mode of transport is by hand-hewn canoe. Most of the outer islands are true atolls and boast sandy beaches and tranquil inner lagoons.

The outer islands make up the majority of Yap State, although most of the territory is Yap’s Outlying Islands ocean. Languages are as different as the land masses. Ulithi is the fourth largest atoll in the world. Fais has a series of ancient submerged caves. West Fayu is a garden island. Sea turtles breed in the waters off Sorol.

Many outer island people live and work in Yap proper and can tell you about life on their islands. But if the opportunity comes up, a stay at one of the isles is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It gives the visitor a glimpse of what it is truly like to live one-with-the-sea and with nature.

For a glimpse of island life, Pacific Missionary Aviation (PMA) operates regularly scheduled flights between the main Yap Island and Ulithi Atoll, Fais Island and Woleai. These commuter flights also offer stunning aerial views of these gems in the sea. The Yap State Government Sea Transportation Office operates passenger and cargo service to all of Yap’s outer islands on a monthly basis. The ship offers limited cabin accommodations and deck space for the hardy visitor. For the most current schedule of voyages, call 691-350-2403.

For further information, contact the Yap Visitors Bureau