Kayaking and Eco Tours

Explore the rich natural beauty of Yap by foot or kayak

Glide through mangrove forests or through a narrow canal excavated in the early 1900s. Kayaking offers peace and tranquility as the kayak slices through the clear, warm waters early in the morning. Or watch the setting sun dip below the horizon with only the sound of the paddle dipping into the shallow lagoon.


The Tamilyog trail connects the village of Kanif on Yap’s West coast to the village of Dachangar over the hill. You can hike the trail in about 45 minutes, or you can spend may hours observing the life along the trail. There are 2 rest huts, 4 benches and markers along the trail. A guide book is available at the Yap Visitors Bureau Office.
View From Island Hike