Diving Yap

Enjoy exclusive dive sites in small groups with year-round big animals

Manta Rays

Manta Rays are some of the most beautiful sea creatures on the planet, and diving with them is an eco-tourist’s dream come true. Their movement is elegant and awesome, and they are amazingly friendly. Now the manta rays have their first designated protected area in the western Pacific, around Yap Island in the Federated States of Micronesia. The Yap legislature, in 2008, passed a law protecting the habitat of our resident population of manta rays out to 12 miles offshore, an 8,243-square-mile area, comprising 16 main islands and atolls and 145 islets.

The marine ecosystem around Yap Island is a remarkable bionetwork of cleaning stations, with sufficient density of planktonic organisms and a pollution-free environment. This is an irreplaceable haven and allows Yap’s manta ray population to be yearlong residents. The waters around Yap are one of the very few places in the world where the promise of a manta ray sighting is almost guaranteed anytime of the year. The sanctuary management plan will provide an ecological approach to protecting the habitat for manta rays and other marine species, including sharks, ensuring that these resources will be plentiful for future generations.

Scuba Diving in Yap

People come from all over the globe to dive in the warm, clear waters that encompass our islands. Diving and snorkeling with our resident population of manta rays is great year round. These gentle giants of the sea come into the lagoons each day to feed and to have their bodies cleaned by small fish at areas called cleaning stations. Divers and snorkelers can get an up close view of the action. During certain times of the year, the mantas may also mate, forming a train-like chain as the males follow the females in a state of courtship. The outer reefs and drop-offs are teeming with life, from schooling shoals of reef fish to turtles, sharks and eagle rays. From big animals to the smallest of critters, diving in Yap has something for everyone. And the diving is relatively easy at most of the sites. Beginners can feel comfortable right from the start, and experienced old salts will cherish the freedom to explore the variety of attractions. Yap is home to a large quantity of macro life, beautiful hard coral gardens, and some spectacular big animal encounters. Explore untouched sites with names like Yap Caverns, Lionfish Wall, Vertigo and Valley of the Rays.

From late November through early May, the seasonal Trade Winds bring a fresh breeze from the northeast. Late May to early November offers calm seas as these winds cease. All of Yap’s dive operators visit the manta rays, as well as the other many fine reefs around the islands, with new sites still being discovered. With miles of unspoiled reefs and very few visitors, divers enjoy the peacefulness that comes with having an entire reef to themselves. Yap’s dive shops offer a wide range of dive classes, so you can learn to dive during your Yap vacation, or take a course to enhance your skill level. Courses offered include the introductory Discover Scuba class, entry level certifications, Advanced, Rescue, Divemaster, Nitrox, and even a Manta Ray Awareness specialty course, just to name a few. Be sure to ask your dive operator for details.

The variety of diving in Yap offers something for everyone, and with our warm, tropical climate and year-round fine weather, combined with Yap’s professionally run dive shops, your dive vacation will be like no other.

Yap's Dive and Snorkeling Tour Operators

The islands of Yap are home to some of the world’s healthiest reefs, and we have a host of dive shops ready to accommodate all diver skill levels. Whether you are looking for a small independent dive operator or a large scale, full-service resort facility, Yap has them all. Our dive shops adhere to strict safety standards and will make the most of your dive vacation.

Beyond The Reef

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Beyond The Reef opened in 1993 and takes four divers per boat to all of Yap's best sites, including the famous mantas. Our full service PADI facility offers hotel/dive packages for every budget.


Nature's Way

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Nature's Way invites visitors to enjoy their sense of wonder of Yap’s unique culture, flora and fauna both on land and underwater. We offer professional scuba dives to all the dive sites, snorkeling and many other boat/land-based tours. Hotel packages are available with most of the hotels in Yap.


Yap Divers

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This PADI 5 Star Resort is a family-run business that welcomes guests from the four corners of the world.

We take great pride in sharing our passion for the beautiful island of Yap and, of course, the wonderful marine life that surround our shores and reefs.