Yap Day 2015 Schedule

Message from the Chief, New Additions and a Downloadable Program

Mogethin and Welcome:

On behalf of the state leadership, the Yap Day Committee 2015, and all the people of the State of Yap, it is a privilege to welcome all visiting guests and dignitaries to our humble island state. I hope that your trip to our island was bearable given the distances you had to travel to get here and the infrequent arrival schedules of the lone air carrier in our area.

Yap Day 2015 Event Schedule and ProgramHaving said that, I would like to express to all the friends of Yap from abroad, the on‐island and off‐island businesses, the government and its agencies, and the local individuals who have contributed resources, money and freely of their time and efforts to the success of the Yap Day Annual Celebration / 2015. In the same manner, I would like to personally thank the people of Tamil Municipality whom had hosted this special event for the past years and is hosting still today, you have gone beyond the call of traditions and had demonstrated in deed that when Waab is in need the doers rise to the top. I thank you dearly; you have set a new bar for hosting the Yap Day Annual Celebration that others may follow.

The Yap Day Annual Celebration / 2015 like past years will present a myriad of traditional Yapese customs and practices that still exist and others that exist only in folklores; however this much I promise, throughout the celebration you can get a glimpse of the Yapese lifestyle and feel the rhythm and hearts of the people.  I recommend also that you Find time to explore the islands of Waab by land or sea and hope that you Find the encounters enriching and refreshing. Finally, I hope that as we part you will Find another opportunity to visit us again in the future.

Kammagaer and Thank You, 

Chief Bruno Tharngan
Chairman, Council of Pilung

New Items for Yap Day 2015


New Items for Yap Day 2015


A.    Municipal Parade will include recognition of Chiefs and Historical billboard presentation.

The parade will be led by the municipal chief with historical significant billboard that depict cultural legend or custom of Yap that may be specific to the municipality.   

B.   Tuba cutting/tasting and demonstration.

There will be two coconut trees designated at the site to be used for the demonstration. One will be used to show how the tuba is cut. The other will be used to give out “samples” of the tuba.  Samples to be given out may include both types of tuba.

C.    Mil garup to be included in the Municipality Relay.

This municipal relay will be conducted continuously in (4) four various segments with 4 members in each team.  The first leg will be the male participants climbing the betel-nut tree and retrieving the betelnut. The second leg will be the female participants weaving a basket. The third leg will be the second male husking copra.  The fourth and final leg, after the baskets have been loaded, will be a young boy/ girl running to the finish line using the mil garup.

D.  Yap State Chamber of Commerce Booths.

These booths will be located on the upper field, on the far west side of the Yap Day Site, lining the cliff and facing towards the back of both community houses. These venders will include all the members of the Chamber of Commerce. This is a promotion for our local businesses to showcase and promote their products that are made of local materials, such as handicrafts, furniture, nursery products, grass skirts, coconut oil, products that are made locally. 

E.   Additional Municipal skit.

There will be another skit or two from any municipality reflecting something of our culture or a legend. The skit on the second day will be from the host community to showcase traditional tattoo along with all traditional attire and custom relating to the skit.

F.    Gaan e arche’ and m’og machaf will be done on selected dance(s) by Municipal Chief.

The items to be used for gaan e arche’ will be only traditional local goods, such as fruits, lava lava, etc. Each Municipal chief is responsible for their “M’og Machaf” traditional valuables presented. 

Download the 2015 Yap Day Celebration Program

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