2016 Homecoming Festival

Honoring Peace Corps Volunteers "Past and Present" in Yap

Please join Residents and Visitors coming together at this annual event in a fun social atmosphere. Food, drinks, pastries and handicrafts will be on sale. Homecoming happens every year on the 3rd Saturday of June.

Download 2016 Homecoming Festival Invitation

June 16th – 18th, 2016

Homecoming Celebration 2016 will be honoring 50 years of Peace Corps in Yap as well as the island's unique culture.

Pre-festival activities are being planned for Thursday June 16 as well as a night market with entertainment on Friday at the Living History Museum.

The festivities will culminate on Saturday, June 18th, with other activities including a program highlighting former volunteers, exhibits, photographs and performances from various cultural communities.

Schedule of Events – Download the Homecoming Final Schedule

Wednesday, June 15th: 6:30 PM O’Keefe’s Kanteen Deck PCV FAR Atoll Fishing Stories by Dr. Pat O’Brien.

(Dr. Pat O’Brien was PCV on Faraulep Atoll in 1974. He is a marine anthropologist and con‐ tinues to work frequently in the outer islands.)
Thursday, June 16th: Free time
Friday June 17: 5:00 PM Yap Living History Museum: Night Market

6:00 PM Wrestling Demonstrations –Yap Sports Council

8:00 PM Men’s standing dance from Rumung Municipality

Saturday, June 18: 8:00 – 11:00 (Beach Volley Ball tournament at Pine Club) Living History Museum 11:00 AM

Opening Dance (Bamboo dance from Dugor, Weloy Municipality)

Presentation of Colors (Yap Public Safety)
tional Anthem ( Alvin Rubothin & Jacob Falan)
tion (Pastor Ruda)
tions and remarks (Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Tim Ruda)
tional Sailing Canoe ( excursions will be ongoing )
Stone Money Ceremony
Welcome by Governor of Yap State
Remarks: Robert Reid Country Director/FSM & Palau
tion of the Women’s dance from Gagil Municipality (Laurel Taylor, PCV Tamil) Women sing dance from Gagil Municipality

1:30 PM Keynote Address: The 1st Peace Corps in Yap in Sept. 1966. Mr. Tom Holladay

Remarks from visiting Palau Guests (Optional)

Tradi􏰀onal Canoe Presentation (HPO)

2:30 PM Bamboo dance from Gilman

Wrestling Demonstration –Yap Sport Council

Traditional Canoe excursions continue

4:30 PM Closing Dance (Bamboo Dance from Ngolog, Rull Municipality) Retirement of Colors

6th Homecoming Fesval Event Sponsored by: 

Yap Visitors Bureau

Yap Living History Museum

Yap Chamber of Commerce

Peace Corps Micronesia