Micronesian Wanderlust

“Tropical good looks. Friendly locals. Fascinating history. Easy living. Far-spread and little-visited Micronesia is one of travel’s most postcard-perfect secrets.” Read the article


Almost all visitors to Yap will come for diving and, in particular, for the mantas. As one of the top manta diving destinations in the world, Yap provides almost guaranteed sightings in the calm and easy waters inside the reef. Boat rides to the manta point are a short 15-20 minutes through mangroves and quiet […]

Yap Day 2017

Yap Day 49th Annual Celebration, see the most of Yap March 1st, 2017 @ Colonia, Yap Living History Museum March 2nd, 2017 @ Makiy, Gagil March 3rd, 2017 @ Wacholab, Maap Download it > Yap_Day_2017 Program

Yap Traditional Dances

All Yapese dances tell a story and usually when dances are performed at the living history museum the name of the dance and the story is shared in English prior to the performance. This dance is about a woman who was exiled from her village of Aloq for having leprosy. She slept under a banyan […]

2016 Homecoming Festival

Download the flyer YAP VISITORS BUREAU and the Yap Chamber of Commerce are inviting everyone to the 6th Homecoming Festival June 17-18, 2016. This year we are celebrating 50 years of Peace Corps on our Island. We will not only honor the many Peace Corps Volunteers who have come to Yap past and present, but will […]

2016 Homecoming Festival Invitation

Download the 2016 Homecoming Festival Invitation. June 16th – 18th we will be celebrating 50 Years of Peace Corps in Yap with past and present volunteers. Festivities start on Thursday and there is a night market planned for Friday at the Living History Museum.

Special Yap Day Tour

Mogethin and welcome to Waab! We are pleased to invite you on a cultural heritage walking tour through our famous Mangyol Stone Money Banks (nomination for UNESCO’s World Heritage List) and a visit to our recent educational past, a former Japanese school site! The VIP and guest tours of these sites begin at the gate […]

2016 Yap Day Program

Download the 2016 Yap Day Program >

Destination Micronesia

The developing nation received a perfect score in Freedom House’s yearly report on civil and political rights. In 2015, Micronesia — which is made up of more than 600 islands in the western Pacific Ocean — protected 78 acres of forested wetland in the Yela Valley on Kosrae, the country’s main island. Micronesia ultimately plans […]

2015 Canoe Festival

Next Canoe Festival The Yap Living History Museum has announced that the 7th Annual Canoe Festival will be held on Saturday December 5, 2015. This year the festival will feature Traditional Sailing and Paddling Canoe races as well as International Canoe and totang races. There will be many other activities for this one day festival, […]